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Wire Gauge Calculator



Wire Gauge Calculator

Acceptable Power Loss:
Volts DC:
Amps (Watts/Voltage):
Length of Wire (Feet):
mm² Wire Size:
AWG Wire Size:


mm² wire sizes are commonly used in Europe and Asia while AWG wire sizes are commonly used in North and South America.

AWG stands for American Wire Gauge and is also known simply as "Gauge". For example a 14 AWG wire is also called a 14 Gauge wire.

The lower number that the AWG wire size is the thicker the wire is. For example a 12 AWG wire is thicker than a 14 AWG wire.

3% is a common acceptable power loss for electric wire. However when wire is used on electric scooters, bikes, and go karts the lower percentage that the acceptable power loss is, the more ride time the vehicle will have on a single battery charge.

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