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Customer Projects


All of the custom-built and modified electric scooters, electric mopeds, electric bikes, electric three wheelers, and electric go-karts on this page were made by or modified by our customers.

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Vintage Auranthetic Electric Mini Bike Project
I picked up this Auranthetic "motorcycle" off Craigslist for $75 awhile back. It was a rusty mess with a burned motor and barely any salvageable electric parts. I converted it to 48 Volts using golf cart type batteries. ElectricScooterParts.com helped me out choosing a new 1000 Watt motor and controller. I made up an ugly but functional motor mount, cleaned the bike up a bit, build a new wiring harness, put new rear shocks and new brake shoes and she's back up and whirring around. Registered as a moped in California. I haven't exactly determined the range yet and I may play around with battery and charger set ups depending on how much I end up using it.

The parts used to complete this Auranthetic electric mini bike project are available as our kit item # KIT-AURANTHETIC-1.

Custom Built "Mini Racer" Electric Go Kart Project
The kit you put together for my "mini racer" worked perfectly right out the box. I could not be more pleased with the components you chose. The performance is better than expected and everything fit and connected perfectly!

This custom electric go kart was made from our kit item # KIT-138.

Electric Scooter Conversion Project
I was tired of gas scooters so I built this electric scooter from scrap. It has a 500 Watt 24 Volt motor, two 12 Volt 20Ah batteries, and a 500 Watt speed controller. I weight 235lbs and my top speed is 22mph on the flats. My younger brother weighs 110lbs and his top speed was 27mph. Overall I am very happy with this electric scooter.

Electric BMX Bike Project
250 Watts Motor (geared 550RPM)
12 Volt 12 Ah SLA Batteries x2 (24V 12Ah)
20" Wheels (16 tooth coaster)
Digital Volt meter and Amp meter
LED headlight, taillight and speedometer back-light.

Electric Moped Conversion Project
For my Senior project in high school, I decided to convert a gas-powered moped into an electric moped. It has a top speed of about 23 mph since I used your 48 Volt, 1000 Watt electric motor. Other parts that I purchased from this site for this project are a speed controller, a 48 Volt 2.5 amp battery charger, a hall-effect twist throttle, a 4 wire key switch, and 3 gears/sprockets. This electric moped has working headlights, brake lights, turn signals, and horn. Thanks for the great parts at a perfect price!

Miniature Electric Locomotive Project
I custom-built this locomotive using two 500 Watt electric bicycle motors along with a 500 Watt speed controller and twist throttle. The motors and other electrical components cost a fraction of what they would have from other suppliers! I am looking forward to my next project and ElectricScooterParts.com will make it possible.

Electric Scooter Conversion Project
Here is my custom electric scooter project. It is custom-built from a 20" BMX bicycle, 1/2"x1/2" square steel tubing, 1 mm thick aluminum plate, and an inexpensive Chinese-made electric scooter rear end.

This electric scooter is powered by a 36 Volt 750 Watt DC motor which is running on 48 Volts! It has a top speed of 24 miles per hours and it is very ergonomic and comfortable to ride.

I purchased most of the parts that I needed to complete this project right here on this website.

Electric Bicycle Conversion Project
My custom-built electric bicycle project uses a powerful 48 Volt battery pack and 600 Watt hub motor which is built directly into the front wheel. The battery pack is mounted mid-frame for optimal balance and weight distribution.

Zipping around Detroit, Michigan USA is so much fun on this bike!

I build electric bicycles for other people too and have made replicas of this bike for several people. Most of the electrical components on this electric bicycle project were purchased on this site.

Electric Drag Bike Project
This is my custom-built electric drag racing bike. It is powered by a 60 Volt, 1000 Watt electric motor and a variable speed controller and throttle which I purchased from ElectricScooterParts.com. It has a large 60 Volt battery pack consisting of five 12 Volt sealed lead-acid batteries.

Before fabrication began on this electric drag bike I first drafted a complete set of plans for it on computer with a 3D computer automated drafting (CAD) program.

The top image is a computer generated 3 dimensional picture of what the electric drag bike will look like after its fabrication has been completed.

I intend to bring this bike to Desert Thunder Raceway in Midland, Texas this December for further testing and time trials.

Modified Electric Power Wheels Team Racing Project
This heavily-modified electric Power Wheels car took the first place prize in the 2nd annual Power Wheels Racing Series at the 2010 Maker Faire in Detroit, Michigan.

The champion of the race, car #3, was built by the hackers from the maker space group i3detroit in Detroit, Michigan.

This project began it's life as a discarded broken-down child's toy and was upgraded with a 500 Watt, 24 Volt DC electric motor and a variable speed controller which were purchased from the online scooter parts store ElectricScooterParts.com. Car #3 ultimately took first place from a field of 10 teams from across the Midwest.


High School Student Places First In Science And Engineering Competition
"In his search for a cool engineering project, West High senior Dan Masquelier combined a scooter and lawnmower parts, some batteries, an electric motor and his dad's shop stool."

Read the full newspaper story.

The DaxMobile 3-Wheel Electric Scooter Project
My 2006 summer science project was this electric powered vehicle, which I call the "DAXMOBILE". It has two batteries (24 Volts) and a Kollmorgan 400 Watt brushless DC motor purchased from ElectricScooterParts.com. It has a welded steel frame and can travel at about 10 MPH. My dad and I built this together. - Dax (age 8)

Electric Go Kart Conversion Project
I converted this go-kart from gas motor power to electric motor power.

It uses two 12 Volt, 18 Ah sealed lead-acid batteries and a 24 Volt, 500 Watt electric motor, along with a variable speed controller and throttle.

This electric go kart has a top speed of over 12 mph and due to its low center of gravity it has superb handling characteristics which makes it a lot of fun to ride.

3-Wheel Electric Scooter Project
I call this the Ferris 3-wheel electric scooter. I have been retired for 3 years and needed a hobby. My electric 3-wheel scooter is built with electric bike and scooter parts.

This bike uses two Kollmorgan 24 Volt, 400 Watt brushless DC electric motors and a Magura 5k ohm twist throttle. The shortened 6" handlebars are from an old Schwinn Beach Cruiser and the frame is from a Lil Kids tricycle. The rear forks, wheels and 20" tires are off a Schwinn Stingray chopper bicycle. The motor sprocket is 11 tooth for #25 chain. The rear wheel sprocket is a 65 tooth. It is powered by two 12 Volt electric scooter batteries.

Electric Recumbent Bike Project
I live 3.6 miles from work with some hills, and can wear my work clothes, as I do not work up a sweat! I go up hills at 19 - 20 MPH instead of 7 MPH, which is a lot less demoralizing! The motor, throttle, chain and sprockets are from ElectricScooterParts.com.

Electric Three Wheel Mini Car Project
This is my custom-made electric mini car project. It rides 2 people comfortably. This custom-made electric vehicle has three wheels and a five speed chain to rear wheel cluster manual transmission with a handlebar shifter. It has a top speed of around 22 miles per hour. This vehicle is powered by an ElectricScooterParts.com 36 Volt, 750 Watt electric motor, a Magura twist throttle, and three large deep-cycle sealed lead-acid batteries.

Electric BMX Bicycle Project
This is my custom-made electric BMX bicycle.

This electric bicycle uses a mid-frame mounted LiFePO4 battery pack. The crankset and pedals have been removed to make room for the large electric motor.

Many of the parts that I used to complete this electric bicycle project were purchased from ElectricScooterParts.com.

University Freshman Electric Scooter Project
This 2-wheel electric scooter was made from a full suspension push scooter. The aluminum brackets used to fabricate this scooter were CAD designed and CNC machined. All of the electrical components used to create this scooter were purchased from ElectricScooterParts.com.

University Senior Electric Scooter Project
This custom 3-wheel scooter uses two of our Redmond 24 Volt DC motors to drive it's front hub-less design wheels. Some of the more advanced methods of fabrication incorporated into this project are: CAD designing, CNC machining, and the lost foam casting method for the aluminum control handles.
View image of spoke-less wheel.
View side image of scooter.

Electric Big Wheel (EBW) Electric Go-Karts
These hand built electric 3-wheel go-karts are powerful enough to spin doughnuts (in circles) on dry pavement. The builder of these carts has future plans of building an Electric Big Wheel mini-bike. These electric go-karts are made in Canada and many of the parts used to create these 3-wheelers were purchased from ElectricScooterParts.com. 

Electric Mountain BikeProject
Custom made electric mountain bike. This electric bicycle uses our Curtis 1505 speed controller and Magura 5k Ohm twist throttle. Many of the parts used to make this electric bicycle were purchased from ElectricScooterParts.com.

3-Wheel Electric Moped Project
Custom made 3-wheel electric moped. This electric moped uses our Magura 5k Ohm twist throttle. Many of the parts used to make this electric moped were purchased from ElectricScooterParts.com.

Modified and Upgraded Currie Electric Scooter
This Currie electric scooter was upgraded with our Item # MAG-007 custom mag rims with 12-1/2x2.5 heavy-duty tires and tubes,  AWI 5k Ohm thumb throttle, and heavy-duty front V-brakes. Many of the parts used to upgrade this electric scooter were purchased from ElectricScooterParts.com.

Electric Powered Ride-On Train
This ride-on electric powered mini-train uses our Curtis 1505 variable speed controllers and Redmond 24 volt 400 watt DC motors. Many of the parts used to build this electric powered train were purchased from ElectricScooterParts.com.

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