Speed Controller SPD-CT660B8 Installation and Wiring

Rated Voltage
 36 Volts
Rated Current
 40 Amps
Rated Motor
 ≤ 750 Watts
Rated Charger
 ≤ 3.0 Amps
Power Conversion Efficiency
Under Voltage Protection
 31.5 Volts
Throttle Compatibility
 Hall-Effect Twist or Thumb Throttle
 88 mm x 61 mm x 35 mm
Power Connector
Motor Connector
Four Wire Connector

Red, green, and black wires go to hall-effect throttle.
Gray and black wires go to speed indicator (optional).

Power Switch / Key Switch Connector
Power Indicator Lamp Connector
Battery Charger Connector
(optional, charger may also be wired directly to power source leads)
Brake Lever Switch Connector
Brake Indicator Lamp Connector

The positive battery wire should be fuse protected.
The power connector should be the last connection made.