Electric Scooter Troubleshooting Wizard

Problem: Scooter Runs Slowly or Has a Short Run Time

First Step: Condition the Batteries if They Are Brand New
Brand new electric scooter batteries will need to be discharged and recharged approximately 15-25 times before they have their full capacity and provide the scooter with its full mileage range. If the batteries are brand new ride the scooter until it feels a little sluggish and then recharge the batteries. After approximately 15-25 discharge and recharge cycles the batteries will be conditioned to their full capacity and the scooter will then have its full mileage range.


Other factors that can lower the mileage range of electric scooters are low outside temperatures, heavy wind, poor road conditions, heavy loads, and unintentional use of the brakes while riding. Riding up hills and grades also greatly reduced the ride time that the scooter will have compared to riding on flat ground only.

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