Razor Electric Scooter Belt Adjustment Guide
Turn power switch "off" before inspecting or working on electric scooters.

Belt Adjustment

Using two wrenches, loosen the axle nuts enough that the rear wheel is free to move up and down the axle dropout.

Loosen the brake anchor nut and bolt.

Adjust the belt tension adjusters until the proper balance of belt tension and wheel alignment is obtained. For proper wheel alignment make sure both belt adjusters have an equal length of threads visible past the tensioning nuts, and also eyeball the rear wheel to the frame of the scooter to make sure that it is properly aligned.

When properly tensioned the belt should be flexible, but not too tight or too loose. Be careful not to tension the belt too tightly! The belt adjustment system on the E200 electric scooter can easily over tighten the belt and bend the motor's shaft or break the drive belt. When adjusting the belt rotate the adjustment bolts 1/8 turn at a time and check the belt adjustment every time for proper tension.

When proper belt tension and alignment has been obtained tighten the axle and brake anchor bolts and test drive the scooter. Then inspect the belt tension again and readjust if necessary.

axle nut removal brake anchor belt tension adjuster testing belt tension